Maintek Group

Pre Fabricated Building

Specializes in light frame steel buildings

What is Pre Fabricated Building?

Pre – fabricated building is a method of building utilizing steel frame and steel insulated panel (SIP). MCS is proficient in various materials & specializes in light steel frame buildings (pre – fab) based on a steel reinforced concrete slab and wall cladding with Zincalume roofing holding Australian standards

The benefits of this building
method includes

Low maintenance cost

Faster and more precise installation

100% anti termite

Environmentally friendly

A Professional
Construction Contractor

Maintek consists of technical and professional experts that collectively have more than 100 years of experience in the oil, gas, and mining sectors in Indonesia, providing project and construction managers, multi-discipline superintendents, and supervisors with core expertise in the following areas:


Camp and facilities design and construction, both permanent and temporary


Equipment workshop, stores, and facilities, design, and construction


Well-site facilities to support single or multiple wells


Tank farm and manifold systems


Power, water, and sewerage treatment plant installations

Maintek delivers quality design and construction contracting services to the mining, oil, and gas industries in remote locations in Indonesia, specializing in the design and construction of remote camp accommodation, kitchen, mess, function rooms, mosques, and more.

Construction Contracting

All works are carried out to Australian Standards or other relevant international standards.

Maintek work to strict
Safety Standards

All personnel is issued with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including Hi-Vis uniform, safety boots, safety helmets and glasses, gloves, fall restraints.