Thermal Imagery

Identifying and rectifying equipment issues before they become problems is a critical part of averting loss and maintaining uninterrupted service. Routine inspections and preventive maintenance is necessary , but they cannot reliably identify trouble spots and building risks.An infrared survey can help keep small issues from becoming disasters. If undetected, that same connection could result in a fire which might mean injuries , loss of lives or damage that makes the building unfit for occupancy , closing your business down. All electrical and mechanical equipment radiates heat. Infrared video cameras that are sensitive to this thermal radiation, detect and measure the temperature differences between surfaces. The cameras then convert the information and display it as an image visible to the human eye, allowing us to “see” a heat signature. Abnormal or unexpected thermal patterns typically indicate a problem with the equipment, including conditions such as: Loose electrical connections Overloaded circuits or phases Deteriorated or damaged insulation Bearing failure Insufficient lubrication Steam leaks

thermal imagery

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