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Thermography Services

Thermography is used to detect hotspots, heat loss, leaks, insulation defects etc. so that maintenance personnel can take appropriate action to correct the problem, therefore avoiding losses resulting from plant shutdowns, increasing the life and efficiency of machines, and ensuring the safety of employees.

MAINTEK provides Thermography services to carry out the survey of electrical installations (MCC & PCC panel, switchgear, motor junction box terminal, switchyards, etc.) and mechanical equipment (compressor, pipe leakage, refractories, etc.)

We are well supported by professional experts for high-quality industrial vibration analysis. Our skillful domain experts are capable of rendering the most satisfactory services keeping the end vision of our esteemed clients in the mind.

Quick to construct (unit can be assembled in a matter of hours)
Waterproofed and pest resistant
High standard of insulation qualities
Highly cost competitive against other materials
Robust and easy to maintain
The structure can be moved to different locations and reassembled
Customized fittings and furnishings
The modular system allows costumers to scale building sizes up to and down

Apart from the costs involved in the loss of physical assets (buildings, plant, and so on), there are other costs to consider

Loss of Life and/or Injury
Loss of Reputation – Will your clients or prospective clients use your services again?
Water Damage – Severe damage caused by the water used to extinguish the fire
Relocation Costs
Loss of Production
Insurance Costs – Rising premiums, the difference between replacement value and insured value



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View our 2020 our Thermography Services of a brochure for an easy to read guide on all of the services offers.

Thermography Services